The lawyers at YSM Family Law practice exclusively in the area of family law and take a progressive approach to resolving family law matters. We are a settlement-focused firm which specializes in out-of-court solutions, such as negotiation, mediation, and the Collaborative Law Process.

At YSM Family Law, clients will be counseled to get on the path of resolving issues in a respectful and transparent way. We empower our clients to thrive during this difficult time by offering access to an extensive professional network of business valuators, financial planners, tax specialists, divorce coaches, child specialists, mediators, and parenting coordinators.

We have substantial training in what is referred to as “interest-based” settlement and negotiation – creating solutions that best fit with a client’s values and priorities. We are committed to receiving ongoing legal education and training as well as presenting in this area to ensure our clients receive the most up-to-date legal advice.

In our relationship planning practice, we are passionate about advising clients on how to avoid unnecessary conflict in the event of a break-up. Clarifying expectations and creating a clear plan reduces stress and can keep a client from spending a significant amount of money on unnecessary legal fees. Whether a client is in a new relationship, a blended family situation, or contemplating moving in together or getting married, we prepare our clients on how to have these important conversations in a way that creates clarity about the future while limiting conflict.

Decisions that are made before a relationship, during a separation and/or divorce will affect a client and the family as a whole for years to come. At YSM Family Law, our experienced team will help guide you through this challenging time with sound, practical advice. We are committed to settling a client’s divorce or separation in a sensible and fair way at a reasonable cost.